The following pages comprise a selection of favourites among less serious threads:

First the lost threads:

The Circle Thread from 20 - 22 March 2004:

Killed along with countless others when the lifetime in the Illustrator Windows User to User Forum Archive was cut down from 200 days to 80 days.
Lost forever, were it not for a printed version dated 7 April 2004.
Now brought back to life: conjured up, word by word, link by link, time stamp by time stamp, post by post.

The twin Phantom Threads 1 and 2 from 24 September 2004:

Killed and replaced by a shorter thread.
Lost forever, were it not for seven temporary internet files.
Now revived, pieced together, and even referred to in the shorter thread, the Phantom thread 3.

The Recovery Thread from 9 - 11 January 2005:

Recovered from five temporary internet files.

Other threads that just die young, after 200 days, will follow.

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